ISQ Quality management system

Incoming and Receiving

YXS TECHNOLOGY  has a complete set of incoming material inspection process (three-level inspection system), and cooperates with Foxconn and other third-party authoritative inspection centers to strictly control the quality inspection process to ensure that there is no problem with the quality of incoming materials.

Three-level Inspection System

  • The first level is packaging and label inspection
  • Level 2 is body appearance inspection
  • The third level is X- ray , cover opening and electrical performance testing

Third-party Testing Agency

Facilities And Standards

YXS TECHNOLOGY  strictly abides by international and industry testing standards, and has a Lianchuangjie gold sample library, from label packaging, silk screen, X- ray , wafer, etc. are inspected and compared with incoming materials.

Reference Inspection Standard

  • IPC / JEDECSolid State Technology Association Standard
  • GB /T2828.1-2012 National Sampling Standard
  • IDEA – STD -1010-B Independent Distributor Alliance Electronic Components Quality Inspection Standard
  • MIL – STD – 883 Experimental Methods and Procedures for Microelectronic Devices
  • ISO 9001 standard
  • customer request
  • Specification
  • Gold sample library

Detectable Item

Testing Equipment

Storage and packaging

Packaging Equipment

Job Flow

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