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Why Choose YXS?

  • 200,000+ parts In-stock components
  • Parts alternative recommended
  • 24-7 Service, Quickly Quote and Delivery
  • Material risk management by big-data engine
  • Bill of Material(BOM) verification and assessment
  • Delivery Services Worldwide
  • 500m² Component Warehouse
  • 500m² Component testing laboratory
  • 100% New and Original

1. Complete BOM “One-Stop” Full Set Supply Chain Service.

  • Reduce the complexity of the inquiry process, and the procurement personnel are equipped with a professional procurement team.
  • Full-scale operation 24 hours a day, no matter how much demand is needed, it will be implemented in a short time.

2. Providing Shortage Obsolete, Hard To Find Components.

  • More than 800 reputable suppliers have stock on hand at any time, and 70% of the original factory agents can order flexibly;
  • The supply channels are all over Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea;
  • Efficient ERP e-commerce platform searches every corner of the world;

3. More Types And Smaller Batches Of Component Supply Services.

  • Provide a professional test report of the basic functions of its own test center;
  • Help recommend the corresponding product testing center;
  • Assist in the training of factory quality inspection personnel to master the basic appearance visual inspection skills and methods of components:

4. Component Supply For PCB Assembly
Large database + AI algorithm
BOM risk management and assessment, reduce human errors and remind potential risks Improve the success rate of prototyping, saving time and reduce budget

Digitized Smart Supply Chain
Our system connect to 800+ component suppliers and vendors Real-time visible component stock and source tracking available

Advanced component testing laboratory
Guarantee the quality of each component, prevent failure of production Accept independent third-party testing, we have confidence in our components

AI warehouse connect AI factory
AiPCBA also provides Turnkey PCB Assembly services under one roof; we minimize lead time Minimizing engineering changes early in the prototype process leads to higher yields during production.



When they were sent to our country, there were some problems in customs declaration, but Ms. sofia has been very patient to help us solve the problems in customs declaration. The package is also very good. The capacitors we received are new and original, and the price is lower than other products, which is of great help to our project.

Testimonial Image
James Oliver

Ms. eva’s service is tiptop, I met some problems in the scheme, Ms. eva will patiently make some suggestions for my scheme, and the quotation is also very quick, I think I will continue to cooperate with YXS Technology in the future!

Testimonial Image
Rosalee Melvin

Some logistics damage happened to the products sent to our country. Based on our feedback, YXS TECHNOLOGY quickly made a solution and redelivered our damaged products. Thank you very much for your support. We will continue to cooperate in the future.

Testimonial Image
Macie Naquin

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