The TLE6240GP is an automotive electronic control unit that integrates motor drive and protection functions. It provides high efficiency, reliability and multifunctional protection.



The TLE6240GP is a sophisticated electronic control unit designed for automotive applications. It combines motor drive and protection functions into a tight and robust package, carrying around theoretical solutions for the application of in-process control and protection of motors.

The appliance is highly efficient and has an excellent performance rating that provides the lowest performance and ensures the highest system performance rate. With its advanced safeguard capabilities, the TLE6240GP is also extremely reliable for charter and default negative pressure protection. These features help prevent damage to motor and electronic control units and ensure long-term system reliability.

The TLE6240GP also features advanced diagnostics to monitor motor operating status in real time. This diagnostic function provides fault detection and fast debugging of any problem with a large volume of information about motor performance and condition.

The TLE6240GP protection function has a wide range of cancellation paths, which can be configured to suit a wide range of applications. For example, the appliance’s short path protection can be set to a latch or automatic heavy table for application requirements. Similarly, the appliance’s overtemperature protection can be configured to operate at different temperatures, depending on the specific application.

The TLE6240GP is designed for operation in harsh automotive environments with a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 150°C. The device is also equipped with a variety of auxiliary features to protect against environmental conditions such as moisture, dust and vibration.

Overall, the TLE6240GP is a high-performance and cost-effective solution for controlling and protecting motors in automotive applications. Its dense and generic application design and precedent-setting make it a compelling choice for GAC Automotive applications.

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