Power Ic Chip Supply Ic Chip Bnt162b2 Biontech Ina219Aidcnr Tps2491dgsr N123e2 Factory Sales Bq40Z80Rsmr


• Industrial Appliances and Robots
• Handheld Garden and Power Tools
• Battery Powered Vacuums
• Energy Storage Systems and UPS

• Fully integrated 2-series to 6-series li-ion or lipolymer cell battery pack manager and protection
• Next-generation patented Impedance Track®
Technology accurately measures available charge
in li-ion and li-polymer batteries
• Configurable multifunction pins to support a variety
of applications
• Supports either Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
or SHA-1 authentication
• High-side N-CH protection FET drive
• Integrated cell balancing while charging or at rest
• Supports 29-Ah batteries natively, and larger
capacities with scaling
• Full array of programmable protection features
– Voltage
– Current
– Temperature
– Charge timeout
• Sophisticated charge algorithms
– Enhanced charging
– Adaptive charging
– Cell balancing
• Supports TURBO Mode 2.0/Intel® Dynamic Battery
Power Technology (DBPTv2)
• Diagnostic Lifetime Data Monitor and Black Box
• LED display
• Supports two-wire SMBus v1.1 interface
• IATA support
• Compact package: 32-lead QFN (RSM)

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