Original Mobile Phone IC Chip Amplifier ICS Components Electronics Chips integrated circuits Stock TPS652510RHAR


FEATURES • Adjustable Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit Set
by External Resistor • Wide Input Supply Voltage Range:
4.5 V – 16 V • Current-Mode Control With Simple
Compensation Circuit • 0.8-V, 1% Accuracy Reference
• Automatic Low Pulse Skipping (PSM) Power • Continuous Loading:
Mode, Allowing for an Output Ripple Better 3 A (Buck1), 2 A (Buck2 and 3)
than 2% • Maximum Current:
• Support Pre-Biased Outputs 3.5 A (Buck 1), 2.5 A (Buck2 and 3)
• Power Good Supervisor and Reset Generator • Synchronous Operation, 300-kHz – 2.2-MHz
Switching Frequency Set By External Resistor • Small, Thermally Efficient 40-Pin 6-mm x 6-mm
RHA (QFN) package • External Enable Pins With Built-In Current
Source for Easy Sequencing • -40°C to 125°C Junction Temperature Range

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