original and new integrated circuits electronic components XC7A35T-2FTG256C


• Advanced high-performance FPGA logic based on real 6-input lookup table (LUT) technology configurable as distributed memory.
• 36 Kb dual-port block RAM with built-in FIFO logic for on-chip data
• High-performance SelectIO™ technology with support for DDR3
interfaces up to 1,866 Mb/s.
• High-speed serial connectivity with built-in multi-gigabit transceivers
from 600 Mb/s to max. rates of 6.6 Gb/s up to 28.05 Gb/s, offering a
special low-power mode, optimized for chip-to-chip interfaces.
• A user configurable analog interface (XADC), incorporating dual
12-bit 1MSPS analog-to-digital converters with on-chip thermal and
supply sensors.
• DSP slices with 25 x 18 multiplier, 48-bit accumulator, and pre-adder
for high-performance

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