New Design Professional Dspic33ep512 Dspic33ep512mu810 Dspic33ep512mu810-i/pt

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Advanced Analog Features
• Two Independent ADC modules:
– One ADC configurable as 10-bit, 1.1 Msps with four
S&H or 12-bit, 500 ksps with one S&H
– One 10-bit ADC, 1.1 Msps with four S&H
– Eight S&H using both ADC 10-bit modules
– 24 analog channels (64-pin devices) up to 32 analog
channels (100/121/144-pin devices)
• Flexible and Independent ADC Trigger Sources
• Comparators:
– Up to three Analog Comparator modules
– Programmable references with 32 voltage points

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