Most PopularIc Chip Microcontroller Ic 32-bit 80mhz Tqfp-100 Pic32mx795f512l-80i/pt


Operating Conditions
• 2.3V to 3.6V, -40ºC to +105ºC, DC to 80 MHz
Core: 80 MHz/105 DMIPS MIPS32® M4K®
• MIPS16e® mode for up to 40% smaller code size
• Code-efficient (C and Assembly) architecture
• Single-cycle (MAC) 32×16 and two-cycle 32×32 multiply
Clock Management
• 0.9% internal oscillator (on some variants)
• Programmable PLLs and oscillator clock sources
• Fail-Safe Clock Monitor (FSCM)
• Independent Watchdog Timer
• Fast wake-up and start-up
Power Management
• Low-power management modes (Sleep and Idle)
• Integrated Power-on Reset, Brown-out Reset
• 0.5 mA/MHz dynamic current (typical)
• 41 µA IPD current (typical)
Graphics Features
• External graphics interface with up to 34 Parallel Master
Port (PMP) pins:
– Interface to external graphics controller
– Capable of driving LCD directly with DMA and
internal or external memory
Analog Features
• ADC Module:
– 10-bit 1 Msps rate with one Sample and Hold (S&H)
– 16 analog inputs
– Can operate during Sleep mode
• Flexible and independent ADC trigger sources
• Comparators:
– Two dual-input Comparator modules
– Programmable references with 32 voltage points

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