integrated circuits OEM Electronic Components Supplier Azd1222 Jd092b Biontech Bnt162b2 ATXMEGA32E5-AU


High-performance, low-power AVR® XMEGA® 8/16-bit Microcontroller
Nonvolatile program and data memories
8K –32KB of in-system self-programmable flash
2K – 4KB boot section
512Bytes – 1KB EEPROM
1K – 4KB internal SRAM
Peripheral features
Four-channel enhanced DMA controller with 8/16-bit address match
Eight-channel event system
Asynchronous and synchronous signal routing
Quadrature encoder with rotary filter
Three 16-bit timer/counters
One timer/counter with four output compare or input capture channels
Two timer/counter with two output compare or input capture channels
High resolution extension enabling down to 4ns PWM resolution
Waveform extension for control of motor, LED, lighting, H-bridge, high drives, and more
Fault extension for safe and deterministic handling and/or shut-down of external driver
CRC-16 (CRC-CCITT) and CRC-32 (IEEE 802.3) generator
XMEGA Custom Logic (XCL) module with timer, counter and logic functions
Two 8-bit timer/counters with capture/compare and 16-bit cascade mode
Connected to one USART to support custom data frame length
Connected to I/O pins and event system to do programmable logic functions

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