integrated circuits Hot-selling Supply, Electronic Components MK22FN128VDC10



• 100 mhz arm cortex-m4 core with dsp instrucN/Aons delivering 1.25 dhrystone mips per mhz
memories and memory interfaces
• 128 kb of embedded flash and 24 kb of ram
• serial programming interface(ezport)
• pre-programmed kineN/As flashloader for one-N/Ame, insystem factory programming
system peripherals
• flexible low-power modes, mulN/Aple wakeup sources
• 4-channel dma controller
• independent external and software watchdog monitor
• two crystal oscillators: 32 khz (rtc) and 32-40 khz or 3-32 mhz
• three internal oscillators: 32 khz, 4 mhz, and 48 mhz
• mulN/A-purpose clock generator with fll
security and integrity modules
• hardware crc module
• 128-bit unique idenN/AficaN/Aon (id) number per chip
• flash access control to protect proprietary software
human-machine interface
• up to 67 general-purpose i/o (gpio)
analog modules
• two 16-bit sar adcs (1.2 ms/s in 12bit mode)
• one 12-bit dac
• two analog comparators (cmp) with 6-bit dac
• accurate internal voltage reference
communicaN/Aon interfaces
• usb ls/fs otg 2.0 with on-chip transceiver
• usb full-speed device crystal-less operaN/Aon
• two spi modules
• three uart modules and one low-power uart
• two i2c: support for up to 1 mbps operaN/Aon
• i2s module
• one 8-channel general-purpose/pwm N/Amer
• two 2-channel general-purpose N/Amers with quadrature decoder funcN/Aonality
• periodic interrupt N/Amers
• 16-bit low-power N/Amer
• real-N/Ame clock with independent power domain
• programmable delay block
operaN/Ang characterisN/Acs
• voltage range (including flash writes): 1.71 to 3.6 v
• temperature range (ambient): -40 to 105°c

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