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● Low On-Resistance (RON), 60Ω max (33Ω typ)
● RON Matching Between Channels <2Ω
● RON Flatness <6Ω Max
● Guaranteed Charge Injection <5pC
● Single-Supply Operation (+2.7V to +16V)
● Low Power Consumption, <5μW
● Low Leakage Current Over Temperature,
<2.5nA at +85°C
● Fast Switching: tON <150ns, tOFF <100ns
● Guaranteed Break-Before-Make (MAX325 only)
● TTL/CMOS Logic Compatible

● Battery-Operated Systems
● Heads-Up Displays
● Audio and Video Switching
● Test Equipment
● +3V, +5V DACs and ADCs
● Sample-and-Hold Circuits
● Guidance and Control Systems
● Military Radios
● Communications Systems


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