integrated circuits Cirrus Logic Electronic Components Made In China BQ2057CTSG4 E3T-SL22R


Ideal for Single (4.1 V or 4.2 V) and Dual-Cell
(8.2 V or 8.4 V) Li-Ion or Li-Pol Packs
Requires Small Number of External
0.3 V Dropout Voltage for Minimizing Heat
Better Than ±1% Voltage Regulation Accuracy
With Preset Voltages
AutoComp Dynamic Compensation of
Battery Pack’s Internal Impedance to Reduce
Charge Time
Optional Cell-Temperature Monitoring Before
and During Charge
Integrated Voltage and Current Regulation
With Programmable Charge-Current and Highor Low-Side Current Sensing
Integrated Cell Conditioning for Reviving
Deeply Discharged Cells and Minimizing Heat
Dissipation During Initial Stage Of Charge
Charge Status Output for Single or Dual Led
or Host Processor Interface
Automatic Battery-Recharge Feature
Charge Termination by Minimum Current
Automatic Low-Power Sleep Mode When VCC
Is Removed
EVMs Available for Quick Evaluation
Packaging: 8-Pin SOIC, 8-Pin TSSOP, 8-Pin

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