integrated circuits China Supplier New Brand Irgp40 Irgp4063d Transistors Irgp4063d

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• Low VCE (ON) Trench IGBT Technology
• Low switching losses
• Maximum Junction temperature 175 °C
• 5 μS short circuit SOA
• Square RBSOA
• 100% of the parts tested for 4X rated current (ILM)
• Positive VCE (ON) Temperature co-efficient
• Ultra fast soft Recovery Co-Pak Diode
• Tight parameter distribution
• Lead Free Package
• High Efficiency in a wide range of applications
• Suitable for a wide range of switching frequencies due to
Low VCE (ON) and Low Switching losses
• Rugged transient Performance for increased reliability
• Excellent Current sharing in parallel operation
• Low EMI

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