Integrated Circuits BOM 12-SON BQ28Z610DRZT Original PMIC Battery Management IC Chips


• Autonomous battery charging control, using a
dedicated MASTER mode I2C interface
• Cell balancing with an internal bypass to optimize
battery health
• A high-side protection N-CH FET drive enables
serial bus communication during fault conditions
• Programmable protection levels for voltage,
current, and temperature
• Analog front-end with two independent ADCs
– Support for simultaneous current and voltage
– High-accuracy coulomb counter with input
offset error < 1 µV (typical)
• Supports down to 1-mΩ current sense resistor
while capable of 1-mA current measurement
• Supports battery trip point (BTP) function for
Windows® integration
• SHA-1 authentication responder for increased
battery pack security
• 400-kHz I2C bus communications interface for
high-speed programming and data access
• Compact 12-pin VSON package (DRZ)

• Tablet computing
• Portable and wearable health devices
• Portable audio devices
– Wireless (Bluetooth®) speakers

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