integrated circuits ADS5281IRGCT QFN48 Electronic Components IC Chip Bnt162b2 Pfizer ADS5281IRGCT


• Medical Imaging
• Wireless Base-Station Infrastructure
• Test and Measurement Instrumentation

Features for the ADS5281
  • Speed and Resolution Grades:
    • ADS5281: 12-bit, 50MSPS
    • ADS5282: 12-bit, 65MSPS
  • Power Dissipation:
    • 48mW/Channel at 30MSPS
    • 55mW/Channel at 40MSPS
    • 64mW/Channel at 50MSPS
    • 77mW/Channel at 65MSPS
  • 70dBFS SNR at 10MHz IF
  • Analog Input Full-Scale Range: 2VPP
  • Low-Frequency Noise Suppression Mode
  • 6dB Overload Recovery In One Clock
  • External and Internal (Trimmed) Reference
  • 3.3V Analog Supply, 1.8V Digital Supply
  • Single-Ended or Differential Clock:
    • Clock Duty Cycle Correction Circuit (DCC)
  • Programmable Digital Gain: 0dB to 12dB
  • Serialized DDR LVDS Output
  • Programmable LVDS Current Drive, Internal Termination
  • Test Patterns for Enabling Output Capture
  • Straight Offset Binary or Two’s Complement Output
  • Package Options:
    • 9mm × 9mm QFN-64
    • HTQFP-80 PowerPAD Compatible with ADS527x Family

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