Integrated Circuit IC Electronic Components TO-220 Field Scan Circuit Integrated Block 1.5a12v LA78040


Part Number       LA78040N
Description          bus control system signal-processor
Feature                 Ordering number : EN7880A LA78040N Mon olithic Linear IC TV and CRT Display Ve rtical Output IC with Bus Control Suppo rt Overview The LA78040N is a vertical                                             deflection output IC for high image qu ality TV and CRT displays that supports the use of a bus control system signal -processing IC.
The sawtooth waveform f rom the bus control system signal-proce ssing IC can directly drive the deflect ion yoke (including the DC component).
Color TV vertical deflection system adj ustment functions can be controlled ove r a bus system by connecting the LA7804 0N to a Sanyo LA768X series or LA769XX series bus                                    con .
Manufacture       Sanyo Electric

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