IC Electronic Components Parts TLVH431BIDBZT


• Low-voltage operation: down to 1.24 V
• Reference voltage tolerances at 25°C
– 0.5% for B grade
– 1% for A grade
– 1.5% for standard grade
• Adjustable output voltage, VO = VREF to 18 V
• Wide operating cathode current range:
100 μA to 70 mA
• 0.25-Ω typical output impedance
• –40°C to +125°C specifications
• TLVH432 provides alternative pinouts for
SOT-23-3 and SOT-89 packages
• Ultra-small SC-70 package offers 40%
smaller footprint than SOT-23-3
• Adjustable voltage reference for data Converters
• Secondary side regulation in flyback SMPSs
• Zener replacement with low leakage current
• Voltage monitoring for power rails
• Comparator with integrated reference

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