Hot Selling TLV61046A SOT23-6 Original In Stock TLV61046ADBVT


• Input voltage range: 1.8 V to 5.5 V, down to 1.6 V
after start-up
• Output voltage up to 28 V
• Integrated power diode and isolation switch
• 980-mA (typical) switch current
• Up to 85% efficiency at 3.6-V input and 12-V
• ±2.5% output voltage accuracy
• Power save operation mode at light load
• Internal 7-ms soft start time
• True disconnection between input and output
during shutdown
• Output short circuit protection
• Output overvoltage protection
• Thermal shutdown protection
• 3-mm × 3-mm SOT23-6 package
• Create a custom design using the TLV61046A with
the WEBENCH® Power Designer
• PMOLED power supply
• LCD panel
• Wearable devices
• Portable medical equipment
• Sensor power supply

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