High Quality Cheap Price Ic Chip Display Drivers Tvs Mixed Technology TDA8380 DIP14


• A low-current initialization circuit (maximum 150 µA) which can be switched off
• A bandgap reference generator
• Circuitry for slow-start combined with an accurate setting of the maximum duty factor (Dmax)
• Programmable low supply voltage protection with one default value
• High supply protection circuitry
• Error amplifier with a transfer characteristic generator (TCG)
• Protection against open- and short-circuited feedback loop
• An overload voltage foldback
• Primary current protection circuitry for both cycle-by-cycle and trip mode
• Protection against transformer saturation
• A direct drive output stage (sink current 2.5 A, source current 0.75 A)
• Anti-double pulse logic
• Protected against damage as a result of a short-circuited high-voltage transistor
• RC oscillator with synchronization input

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