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● Network Routers and Switches
● Cellular Base Stations
● Portable Products
● Any Space-Constrained Thermally Sensitive Product
Benefits and Features
● Maximize System Accuracy in Broad Range of
Thermal Management Applications
• Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C
(-67°F to +257°F)
• DS1631 and DS1631A: ±0.5°C Accuracy over 0°C
to +70°C Range
• DS1731: ±1°C Accuracy over a -10°C to +85°C Range
• User-Selectable Output Resolution from 9 Bits to
12 Bits
● Reduce Cost with No External Components
● Simplify Distributed Temperature-Sensing Applications
with Multidrop Capability
• Up to Eight Devices Can Operate on a 2-Wire Bus
● Flexible and Nonvolatile User-Defined Thermostatic
Modes with Custom Hysteresis
● Available in 8-Pin µSOP and SO (DS1631 and
DS1631A Only) and the 8-Pin DIP (DS1631 Only)

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