The EP4CE6F17C8N is a low-cost, low-power FPGA with 6,272 logic elements and 1792 user I/O pins, ideal for a range of applications including industrial control, consumer electronics, and communications.



The EP4CE6F17C8N is a powerful and flexible FPGA that offers a wide range of features and capabilities for a variety of applications. With 6,272 logic elements and 1,792 user I/O pins, this FPGA is capable of handling complex designs while remaining energy efficient.

One of the key advantages of the EP4CE6F17C8N is its low power consumption. With dynamic power consumption as low as 0.25W, this device is ideal for power-sensitive applications where energy efficiency is a critical concern. It also supports a wide range of low-power features such as dynamic voltage scaling and clock gating, which can help reduce overall power consumption even further.

EP4CE6F17C8N 还提供一系列高性能功能,例如高速收发器、DDR 内存控制器和 PLL。这使其非常适合需要高速数据传输和处理的应用,例如网络和数据中心应用。

此外,该器件包括一系列内置 IP 内核,例如 Nios II 嵌入式处理器,有助于加快开发时间并降低总体设计复杂性。这对于需要快速制作原型和开发设计而无需从头构建自定义逻辑的设计人员尤其有用。

The EP4CE6F17C8N also offers a range of configuration options, including JTAG and active serial configuration, which makes it easy to integrate into a wide range of designs. The device is also compatible with Intel’s Quartus Prime design software, which provides a range of powerful design tools and features to help simplify the design process.

Another advantage of the EP4CE6F17C8N is its high level of reliability and security. The device includes advanced security features such as AES and SHA encryption, as well as a comprehensive set of built-in safety and fault management capabilities. This makes it an ideal choice for safety-critical applications where reliability and security are a top concern.

Overall, the EP4CE6F17C8N is a versatile and reliable FPGA that offers a range of features and capabilities for a variety of applications. Its low power consumption, high-performance features, and built-in IP cores make it a powerful and flexible solution for a wide range of design needs.

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