Electronics Components Store New Original MCU Microcontroller Ic Chip TSSOP20 MS51FB9AE N76E003AT20


– Fully static design 8-bit high performance 1T 8051-based CMOS microcontroller.
– Instruction set fully compatible with MCS-51.
– 4-priority-level interrupts capability.
– Dual Data Pointers (DPTRs).
– Wide supply voltage from 2.4V to 5.5V.
– Wide operating frequency up to 16 MHz.
– Industrial temperature grade: -40℃ to +105℃.
– Up to 18K Bytes of APROM for User Code.
– Configurable 4K/3K/2K/1K/0K Bytes of LDROM, which provides flexibility to user developed Boot Code.
– Flash Memory accumulated with pages of 128 Bytes each.
– Built-in In-Application-Programmable (IAP).
– Code lock for security.
– 256 Bytes on-chip RAM.
– Additional 768 Bytes on-chip auxiliary RAM (XRAM) accessed by MOVX instruction.
Clock sources:
– 16 MHz high-speed internal oscillator trimmed to ±1% when VDD 5.0V, ±2% in all conditions.
– 10 kHz low-speed internal oscillator.
– External clock input.
– On-the-fly clock source switch via software.
– Programmable system clock divider up to 1/512.

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