electronic components integrated circuits Electronic Components IC Chip Bnt162b2 Pfizer LTM4628IV


Complete Standalone Dual Power Supply
Single 16A or Dual 8A Output
Wide Input Voltage Range: 4.5V to 26.5V
Output Voltage Range: 0.6V to 5.5V
±1.5% Total DC Output Error
Differential Remote Sense Amplifier
Current Mode Control/Fast Transient Response
Adjustable Switching Frequency
Overcurrent Foldback Protection
Multiphase Parallel Current Sharing with
Multiple LTM4628s
Frequency Synchronization
Internal Temperature Sensing Diode Output
Selectable Burst Mode® Operation
Soft-Start/Voltage Tracking
Output Overvoltage Protection
Small Surface Mount Footprint, Low Profile
15mm × 15mm × 4.32mm LGA and
15mm × 15mm × 4.92mm BGA Packages
Telecom and Networking Equipment
Storage and ATCA Cards
Industrial Equipment

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