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New Family of SpiFlash Memories
– W25Q64JV: 64M-bit / 8M-byte
– Standard SPI: CLK, /CS, DI, DO
– Dual SPI: CLK, /CS, IO0, IO1
– Quad SPI: CLK, /CS, IO0, IO1, IO2, IO3
– Software & Hardware Reset(1)
Highest Performance Serial Flash
– 133MHz Single, Dual/Quad SPI clocks
– 266/532MHz equivalent Dual/Quad SPI
– Min. 100K Program-Erase cycles per sector
– More than 20-year data retention
Low Power, Wide Temperature Range
– Single 2.7 to 3.6V supply
– <1µA Power-down (typ.)
– -40°C to +85°C operating range
– -40°C to +105°C operating range
Flexible Architecture with 4KB sectors
– Uniform Sector/Block Erase (4K/32K/64K-Byte)
– Program 1 to 256 byte per programmable page
– Erase/Program Suspend & Resume

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