Chip Amplifier ICs Video Amplifiers Brand New And Original In Stock Integrated Circuit LFCSP-24 AD8141ACPZ-R7


Triple, high speed differential drivers
255 MHz, −3 dB large signal bandwidth
65 MHz, 0.1 dB flatness
1150 V/μs slew rate
12 ns settling time
Single 5 V or split supply operation
Fixed gain of 2
Internal common-mode feedback network
Output balance error −50 dB at 50 MHz
AD8142 has integrated sync-on-common-mode circuitry
High-Z output when disabled
Differential-to-differential or single-ended-to-differential
High isolation between amplifiers: −100 dB at 10 MHz
Low power: 44 mA at 5 V
Available in space-saving packaging: 4 mm × 4 mm LFCSP
Keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) networking
Video distribution
Digital signage
Security cameras

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