Chinese Manufacturer Microcontroller Sm Integrated Circuit Ic Pic12lc508a-04i


Peripheral Features:
• 8-bit real time clock/counter (TMR0) with 8-bit
programmable prescaler
• Power-On Reset (POR)
• Device Reset Timer (DRT)
• Watchdog Timer (WDT) with its own on-chip RC
oscillator for reliable operation
• Programmable code-protection
• 1,000,000 erase/write cycle EEPROM data
• EEPROM data retention > 40 years
• Power saving SLEEP mode
• Wake-up from SLEEP on pin change
• Internal weak pull-ups on I/O pins
• Internal pull-up on MCLR pin
• Selectable oscillator options:
– INTRC: Internal 4 MHz RC oscillator
– EXTRC: External low-cost RC oscillator
– XT: Standard crystal/resonator
– LP: Power saving, low frequency crystal

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