ADSP-21489KSWZ-4A is a high-performance digital signal processor from Analog Devices with dual-core SHARC+ DSPs, 450MHz clock speed, and 2MB of on-chip SRAM for demanding real-time applications.



The ADSP-21489KSWZ-4A is a dual-core digital signal processor from Analog Devices that delivers exceptional performance and processing power for demanding real-time applications. The device integrates two SHARC+ DSP cores, each with a maximum clock speed of 450MHz and 2MB of on-chip SRAM. With this powerful processing capability, the ADSP-21489KSWZ-4A can execute complex algorithms and handle multiple tasks simultaneously. The device also includes a wide range of peripherals, including serial ports, timers, and DMA controllers, which enable flexible system design. The ADSP-21489KSWZ-4A is ideal for applications such as audio processing, motor control, and industrial automation.

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