1. The ADS1120IPWR is a microcontroller pin driver chip with dual output and differential input.
  2. It supports high-speed data transmission up to 200 ksps with low noise and distortion characteristics.
  3. The chip has excellent common-mode noise suppression function, which can reduce the influence of common-mode noise on chip performance.
  4. The ADS1120IPWR is designed for a variety of applications, including low power consumption, high-speed serial interfaces, and high-speed I2C buses.
  5. The chip is stable and reliable, which is an excellent choice for high performance serial interface applications.

Data sheet


The ADS1120IPWR is a high performance, low noise, low loss dual output and differential input microcontroller pin driver chip. Support high speed data transmission, up to speed 2 up to 0 ps unusual common-mode noise suppression capability, the product is designed for low efficiency ports, high speed serial interfaces and high speed I2C bus, stable and reliable, highly visible is an excellent choice.


  1. High Speed Data transmission: The ADS1120IPWR supports high speed data transmission up to 200 ksps
  2. Low noise and distortion: The ADS1120IPWR features low noise and low distortion to ensure the accuracy of high-speed data transmission.
  3. Excellent common-mode microacoustic suppression ability: The ADS1120IPWR has excellent common-mode microacoustic suppression ability, which can reduce the impact of common-mode microacoustic on chip performance.


The ADS1120IPWR is suitable for a variety of low-power, high-speed serial interface and high-speed I2C bus applications, such as:

  1. Sensor interface: ADS1120IPWR can be used to connect various sensors, such as temperature sensors and pressure sensors, to provide high-speed, accurate data transmission.
  2. Wireless communication: ADS1120IPWR can be used as an interface chip in wireless sensor networks, smart home and other wireless communication systems, to achieve high-speed and stable data transmission.
  3. Industrial control: ADS1120IPWR can be used in industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing and other industrial control systems, to provide stable and reliable control for the system.

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