AD8195ACPZ-R7 AD8195ACPZ IC Original In Stock AD8195ACPZ-R7


1 input, 1 output HDMI/DVI link
Enables HDMI 1.3a-compliant front panel input
4 TMDS channels per link
Supports 250 Mbps to 2.25 Gbps data rates
Supports 25 MHz to 225 MHz pixel clocks
Equalized inputs for operation with long HDMI cables
(20 m at 2.25 Gbps)
Preemphasized outputs
Fully buffered unidirectional inputs/outputs
50 Ω on-chip terminations
Low added jitter
Transmitter disable feature
Reduces power dissipation
Disables input termination
3 auxiliary buffered channels per link
Bidirectional buffered DDC lines (SDA and SCL)
Bidirectional buffered CEC line with integrated pull-up
resistors (27 kΩ)
Independently powered from 5 V of HDMI input
Logic level translation (3.3 V, 5 V)
Input/output capacitance isolation
Standards compatible: HDMI, DVI, HDCP, DDC, CEC
40-lead LFCSP_VQ package (6 mm × 6 mm)
Front panel buffer for advanced television (HDTV) sets

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