• Long-term stability: The device adopts special frequency stabilization technology and packaging technology to ensure long-term stability and reliability during operation.

  • Lower cost: The Ad7656bstz is relatively low cost compared to comparable high-speed operational amps, making it ideal for applications where cost sensitivity is a priority.
  • Easy integration: The Ad7656bstz comes in a compact 4mm2 SIC-16 package for easy integration into a variety of circuit designs.

The Ad7656bstz is a high-speed, low-power, dual-channel BiCMOS operational amplifier (OP-AMP) with a gain of 100. The device provides high quality, stable, and accurate output integrated circuits (ics) for a wide range of applications, including analog and digital.

The Ad7656bstz contains two separate channels, allowing simultaneous amplification of two different signals. The device has a conversion rate of up to 100 MS/s and a resolution of 14 bits.

The design of the Ad7656bstz is optimized for operating temperatures from 0°C to 70°C, making it ideal for use in harsh environmental conditions. The device supports both single-ended and differential input signals, providing flexibility for a wide range of application requirements.

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