AD2S1205YSTZ IC In Stock AD2S1205WSTZ


Complete monolithic resolver-to-digital converter (RDC)
Parallel and serial 12-bit data ports
System fault detection
±11 arc minutes of accuracy
Input signal range: 3.15 V p-p ± 27%
Absolute position and velocity outputs
1250 rps maximum tracking rate, 12-bit resolution
Incremental encoder emulation (1024 pulses/rev)
Programmable sinusoidal oscillator on board
Single-supply operation (5.00 V ± 5%)
−40°C to +125°C temperature rating
44-lead LQFP
4 kV ESD protection
Qualified for automotive applications
Automotive motion sensing and control
Hybrid-electric vehicles
Electric power steering
Integrated starter generator/alternator
Industrial motor control
Process control


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